Activity and Competences of a Music Education Teacher: Expectations of Lithuanian and Foreign Students

Jolanta Lasauskienė


The purpose of the present study was to investigate student music teachers’ expectations towards their future professional activity and competences of a music teacher. Two groups of students (76 Lithuanian and 64 foreign), who chose studies at Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, participated in the research. In this article, the results from the qualitative survey carried out in 2017 will be highlighted. The results showed that in music education it is particularly important to combine orientation towards pedagogical activities with orientation towards the spread of the learner’s personality. The music students at the University describe their future professional activities as broad and multidimensional ones but they also emphasise the importance of personal values, implementation of general, subject-specific, professional (didactic) competences and continuous improvement. Participation in musical and artistic activities plays a specific role in the spread of professional identity of a music teacher.

Keywords: music teacher education, student music teacher, competences, student expectations.


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