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Author Guidelines

Pedagogy journal has been transferred to Vytautas Magnus University publishing platform. Articles should be submitted here

Requirements for the Articles to be Published


1. The structure of the article should be as follows:

   1.1. Title of the article;

   1.2. Author name and affiliations (first name and last name, full postal address including department, university or other organization, city, country and the e-mail address of each author);

   1.3. Abstract in the original language of the article (approximately 500 printed characters). If the article is prepared in Lithuanian or in English, the abstract should be prepared in the same language as an article;

   1.4. Keywords (5–7 words);

   1.5. Introduction;

   1.6. The main text (approximately 40 000 printed characters);

   1.7. List of references (numeration is not needed);

   1.8. Summary (approximately 1500  characters). If the article is prepared in Lithuanian or in other languages (except English) the summary should be prepared in English.

2. Scientific problem, relevance and originality, aim and objectives, methods and methodology must be indicated in the article. The problem needs to be fully explored,  comprehensive and reasoned results of the research must be indicated, conclusions (summing-up) should be related with the problem indicated as well as with the aim of the research, and the results achieved.
3. Illustrations, tables, charts, graphics and other material should be presented genuine, in a good quality (at least 300 dpi, JPEG or TIFF formats required) and without the prejudice to the copyrights.

Recomendations for the citation and list of references

1. Citations in the text should follow the referencing style used by the APA (The American Psychological Association).
2. The List of References should include all the sources that have references in the article text, and the article text should contain all the reference points that are enumerated in the List of References. Numeration of the listed references is not needed. The List of References should be prepared following the requirements by the APA (The American Psychological Association).

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